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Mid Atlantic Dairy Queen Proudly Presents a Our New Referral Program


If an employee recommends someone and they are hired, the Employee Referral Form will need to be filled out and signed by the manager.  It needs to be emailed with the new hire information email of the new employee.

If the new hire works three full pay periods with no tardiness or absences, both the employee who recommended and the new hire will receive a $200 bonus.  

After the new hire has completed three pay periods of work with no infractions, the current employee will receive the bonus in the following payroll.  So, if there are infractions, payroll will need to be emailed to inform of the infractions.  Unless payroll receives an infraction email listing the new hire’s name and what the infraction is along with the date of the infraction, the bonus will be paid to both current employees.   If just the new employee is still hired and only the referring person is not, then only the new hire gets the bonus.

Terms are subject to change.

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