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A few weeks ago we decided that we needed to do something for CHKD since Miracle Treat Day was cancelled this year. We found out that CHKD was getting ready for the Topping off Ceremony of their new Children's Mental Health Hospital. Naturally it just made sense to contribute all Dipped Cones for a day to CHKD's initiative. We are humbled by the number of fans that showed up to support us in this fundraiser! Yesterday Mid Atlantic Dairy Queen sold on average TWO Dipped Cones PER MINUTE all day! THAT'S 1,508 DIPPED CONES! We're donating all $3,464 of those sales to CHKD. 'Topping it all off' we had a RECORD Day for Round Up with $1,374 in change donated by our fans. That totals $4,838 for CHKD! We are SO grateful for the people of Hampton Roads. Your kindness is never ending!